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Morgan Grays Luxury Leather Bags and Accessories

Morgan Grays Luxury Leather Bags and Accessories Morgan Grays Luxury Leather Bags and Accessories
44 E Main St.
The Carriage House
Ware MA 01082
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Phone: (413) 725-4230
Fax: (413) 725-4231

A century ago, American leathers were considered the best in the world. Atthe end of the twentieth century, American leathercrafting was at thebrink of extinction. In 2005, Morgan Grays began searching for theremaining American masters. Together with these craftsmen, they createda unique heritage collection. The response to that collection promptedthem to begin an entrepreneurial journey that has, subsequently,enabled a new generation of apprentices to create an astonishinglycolorful line of uniquely American luxury leather pieces. Today MorganGrays sets the standard for American leather design for the globalmen's leather bag and accessory market.

Luxury items should also be "green." In 2007, Morgan Grays wasthe first American men's leather producer to come up with an entirelygreen line. Since then, Morgan Grays defined a "green" processfor leather that reduced, then eliminated chromium in the production ofhides. We primarily use American native buffalo in our bags andwallets, which accounts for their soft texture and the masculine graindiversity. We use certified organic canvas coated with beeswax in ourcanvas lines. This year we are working to align our packaging andshipping processes. We ship in recyclable boxes and use recycled tissuepapers. As we grow into the global marketplace, we are looking to findways to reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, we are looking atways of making our offices and factories - from the papers we use tothe cars in our fleet - to align with our green values.

Quality, color and details distinguish Morgan Grays from other so-called luxury brands. Whilemany other brands have outsourced the production of their designs andmade sacrifices in their products to increase margins, we have acommitment to our craft that includes a loyalty to our Americanfactories and suppliers and a reliance on the distinguished tastes ofthose who want more than mass brands can offer. Because of this, mostof the work we do is custom tailored for moguls, celebrities andcorporations. We have never given a bag to a celebrity, but the list ofthose who have purchased Morgan Grays merchandise might make the lesssecure want our product more. That's why we don't publish that list. Asfor our corporate and sports clients, we've made bags for the Oscarsand are working on an order for box owners of the highest profile teamin professional sports.

Morgan Grays is a collaborative effort bringing together the innovationand imagination of New Orleans native Morgan Molthrop and the designexpertise of London-born Stewart Grays. The duo met in London andenvisioned the first line when they were traveling in Oaxaca, Mexico.The first collection included historic American pieces from theAmerican West and turn-of-the century classics like Olympic bags andlegal box cases. Today Morgan Grays pieces are found in BergdorfGoodman, Neiman Marcus, Mitchells, Richards, Stanley Korshak and HarveyNichols. Worldwide sales of Morgan Grays New England-made pieces havealmost outpaced US domestic sales, proving that luxury pieces craftedin the United States viable in the global luxury market.

Made in the USA, made in America, made in New England luggage

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Date added: 6.10.2009  
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