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KAOS Performance Apparel

KAOS Performance Apparel KAOS Performance Apparel
Houston TX 77072
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Phone: (281) 313-5267
Fax: (281) 313-5288
Hotline: (866) 952-5267

KAOS apparel is composed of 100 percent Made in the USA materials,while every step of the design, manufacture and fulfillment process isperformed entirely on American soil.

Painstakingly researched and designed by standout NFL wide receiverBert Emanuel and his wife Teri to achieve the perfect blend of advancedtechnology and unparalleled comfort, KAOS sets a new standard forperformance apparel.

Throughout his nine-year NFL career, Emanuel struggled to findperformance undergarments that met all his needs. Some helped regulatehis body temperature, but irritated his skin. Others were morecomfortable, but didn't wick away his sweat. Still others restrictedhis movement or simply didn't conform to his body type. As a result, hewas forced to wear two different shirts to achieve the desired balanceof comfort and performance.

That's when the couple began their search for a technically superiorproduct that could do it all: provide exceptional moisture managementand temperature regulation, allow for full range-of-motion and –equally important – feel comfortable.

After months of research, they eventually discovered a proprietarynylon polymer made by DuPont that far exceeded anything they had seen,or felt, before. The material had all the high-tech properties of theleading polyester-based brands, but was substantially softer, smootherand more flexible. And, it was 100 percent Made in the U.S.A.

The budding entrepreneurs purchased the necessary rights to thematerials and patterns and began designing a new line of high-techgarments, which Bert tested on the gridiron. They incorporated a meshgusset beneath the arms to allow for full range-of-motion while keepingthe shirt in place. Soon, Bert's teammates began hounding him to sharehis new creations with them.

KAOS Komfort was born.

As Bert transitioned from the playing fields to the business world, theEmanuels soon recognized that the market for KAOS apparel went wellbeyond the sports arena. So while other companies lavished millions onBert's former teammates and peers to endorse their brands in a frenziedattempt to corner the sports market, the Emanuels chose a differentpath. But that was nothing new for this strong family of faith. TheEmanuels envisioned a different kind of company, with a deeper purposeand a commitment to excellence that encompassed not only the quality ofworkmanship in their products, but the way they ran their business.

The rest, as they say, is history"¦

Today, KAOS is delivering on the promise of advanced performanceapparel to professional men and women in a wide variety of arenas,including commercial and industrial markets, health care/medical,public safety, and the most demanding customers on the planet: TheUnited States Armed Forces.

Every few weeks, KAOS ships tens of thousands of its garments toAmerican troops stationed across the globe, including our bravesoldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The garments help keep soldierscooler in the heat, warmer in the cold and more comfortable in everyenvironment. And because front-line personnel often cannot changeclothes for days at a time, KAOS Komfort is more than a slogan to thesetroops"¦it's their first line of defense against the harshest elementson the planet.

Whether you're a fire fighter, nurse, deliveryman, police officer,factory worker, weekend warrior or a member of the greatest militaryever assembled, you are invited to experience the new standard inperformance apparel.

KAOS: Feel the komfort.

Made in the USA, American made, made in Texas, made in TX, made in Houston

Tours Available: No
Brick & Mortar: No
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Date added: 14.11.2008  
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