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Teko Socks

Teko Socks Teko Socks
1435 Yarmouth St.
Suite 102
Boulder CO 80304
Purchase URL
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Phone: (303) 449-7681
Fax: (303) 449-5707
Hotline: (800) 450-5784

Teko Socks was founded on the belief that performance outdoor socks can be made without leaving a heavy impact on the environment.

Using only quality fibers, sound manufacturing processes, and recycled materials for packaging, Teko ensures that their socks are safe for the environment.

Every fiber Teko selects must provide the highest level of performance and have minimal impact on the Earth.

Teko socks are knitted in North Carolina, USA. Domestic manufacturing not only keeps jobs close to home, it ensures that the energy used for manufacturing is generated cleanly. Teko is 100% wind-powered.

A more durable product lasts longer and doesn't need to be replaced as often. This saves material resources, energy, and keeps more money in your wallet. For those reasons, at Teko they reinforce all of their socks with high-durability fibers like recycled polyester and/or nylon.

Striving to use materials and methods with the least environmental impact means at Teko they are always looking for better ways to do things. It is Teko's belief that by heading in this direction that they set a positive example that our ecosystem doesn't have to be compromised for high performance apparel. In fact, nothing would thrill them more than if "the least environment impact" became an essential part of product competition. This would be the start of transforming the industry into a more sustainable trade.

At Teko they believe that true sustainability works within both social and ecological structures. Whether desired or not, they cannot deny the interconnection between social and environmental concerns. They therefore aim to work with suppliers and manufacturers who understand the societal and environmental impacts of their work.

Teko recognizes that they still have a ways to go to attain the ideal of a sustainable company. They are always open to learning more about sustainability as well as to sharing their ideals.

The Teko Challenge
Teko is committed to creating high-performance socks that leave minimum impact on the great outdoors. Wear these socks for a year, and if at anytime you are not 100% delighted with the performance of your Teko socks, return them for a new pair or refund.

Renewable Energy
Teko recognizes that our #1 contributor to green house gases in the atmosphere is the way the electricity we use gets produced. So we've purchased enough wind energy credits to ensure that 100% of the electricity we use in manufacturing and operations get put back into the energy grid from clean, sustainable American Wind. Visit to learn more about how you can offset your electricity use, too.

Leave No Trace
Teko strives to embrace the Leave No Trace principles and to extend them throughout all of our manufacturing and operational practices. For more information, visit

Minimal Packaging
Reduce, recycle, reuse – At Teko they strive in minimizing the amount of packaging needed for their products. For their packaging, they use chipboard, which is a unique product made from recycled materials. In a previous life, chipboard may have been a cardboard box, newspaper, paper bags or any other general paper product. Their packaging is 100% recyclable.

Made in the USA
At Teko, they feel that it is very important to support the manufacturing base in the United States. They feel that by keeping manufacturing in the US, their products will be of better quality, and they can ensure shorter turnarounds on their orders.

Their factory in Mount Airy, North Carolina, recycles all the cardboard used for the packaging. They also use a very low amount of water in the washing process, whereas most factories use water intensive paddle tubs. Further, they understand the importance of ecological manufacturing and constantly working towards improving their methods and developing new methods which will better suit the environment.

Teko Socks: Best Socks on the Planet, Best Socks for the Planet!


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Date added: 28.10.2008  
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