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Helbert's Fresh Pastured Chicken

Helbert's Fresh Pastured Chicken
12558 North Valley Pike
Tenth Legion VA 22815
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Phone: (540) 896-7107

Our small flocks are moved daily in bottomless pens to graze fresh growing pasture. The pens protect chickens from predators, while allowing advantages of exercise, fresh air, sunshine and green forage. Unlike "free range" our pastured birds are never allowed back onto their own droppings, thus naturally breaking parasite cycles without drugs or dangerous chemicals. Some commercial "free range" chickens only "have access" to pasture, but never actually get outside of their crowded housing. The "organic" label, once the pride of a few purists, is now a government & big agri-business, legal word game. USDA even allows old frozen birds to be called "fresh" if they haven't been frozen below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Birds raised in the same old high stress factory houses, but fed politically correct rations, may use the "organic" label (upon payment of the proper fee). By closely mimicking nature, by paying careful attention to the source and quality of our feed and by keeping flocks small, we produce chicken far superior to the government's "organic" moniker in flavor, texture and healthfulness.

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Tours Available: No
Brick & Mortar: Yes
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Date added: 16.10.2009  
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