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Virginia Green Grocer and Virginia Organic Cooperative

Virginia Green Grocer and Virginia Organic Cooperative Virginia Green Grocer and Virginia Organic Cooperative
9317 Green Meadows Road
Warrenton VA 20187
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Phone: (571) 722-5086

The Virginia Green Grocer is a certified organic farmer who producesa wide variety of vegetables and herbs year-round. The species areselected for flavor, scent, color, and productivity in the Virginiapiedmont climate. Fusing traditional organic methods with modern"green" technology enables us to have the best of both worlds byenhancing bio-sustainable agricultural practices and providing a modelapplicable to the small family.

By producinglocally here in northern Virginia, the Green Grocer cuts out the energy and timeexpense of transportation from places like California or Mexico. Thatmeans that with the exception of a few items like potatoes and carrotswhich store well, they harvest, pack and deliver vegetables to your doorwithin 48 hours. Farm vehicles and personal cars operate on bio-dieselproduced from organic Virginia soybeans. The Virginia Green Grocer greenhouse is heated withscrap wood. They use drip irrigation, which incorporates a complex waterrecycling system including rainwater collection (among other "clean"collection sources), filtration and ozonation. Their 6500 square footgreenhouse plays host to an abundance of wintertime activities,ensuring continuous productivity throughout the year.

The Virginia Organic Cooperative was developed to provide a muchneeded, local resource for fellow farmers, gardeners and enthusiasts. Their first year on the farm, 2005 was spent transforming acres of barrenrocky Virginia red clay into fluffy, nutrient-rich, healthy andwell-balanced soil. Their rock pile stands as a monument to theback-breaking work it takes to farm vegetables in the Piedmont. In2007, the Virginia Organic Cooperative applied for and received their organic certification from OregonTilth. They participated in 2 local organic CSA's. In2008, they began their very own CSA, the Virginia Organic Cooperative inMay and ran a 20 week course through October. Virginia Organic Cooperative also sold many sharesof the winter CSA which runs November through December. A small herd ofgrass-fed Jerseys is growing, and will be followed by a sizeable flockof pastured, free-range chickens. Get everything you eat from Fauquier!Dairy, eggs and even meat products will be available soon. And mostimportantly they will be the healthiest products you can buy. In addition to being localand organic, their goal with their dairy and egg production is to maximizethe vitamins and minerals and omega-3 fatty acids in their foods.Chickens and cows need green grass and sunshine to achieve the highestnutrition in their eggs and milk. Virginia Organic Cooperative minimizes the grains they feed to theiranimals, which means they eat more grass and hay. Grass and hay areless energy dense than grain thus their bulk conveys many moreminerals. Jerseys produce more than 5 times more mineral solids intheir milk than the more common Holstein. Their chickens stop eatingtheir grain supplements in the summer when the bugs and grass providethem everything they need. Their eggs are a different color than even themost expensive cage free eggs you can buy in the market due to thedifference in diet.

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Date added: 11.1.2009  
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