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Udder View Farm

Udder View Farm Udder View Farm
256 Sacarap Rd.
Columbia ME 04623
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Phone: (207) 483-2611

UDDER VIEW FARMis located in Columbia, "Downeast" Maine on 13 acres of pine groves,pastures, and hills by the Grand Marsh Stream. Their Oberhasli DairyGoats love to go for walks through the trees and fields to get theirdaily exercise and "treats".

UdderView Farm's Goat Cheeses are made exclusively from their own Oberhasligoat's milk, which is sweet, creamy, and has a very delicate flavor. The milk is strained, heat-treated (not pasteurized), and inoculatedwith cultures and rennet to begin the cheese-making process, which cantake up to forty-eight hours to complete.

Processing the milk after every milking (every 12 hours) helps to ensure the freshest, quality product available.
Udder View Farm uses fresh herbs from local organic farms, herb and spice blends from other small Maine companies, and other ingredients that seem interesting to incorporate into the cheeses

Udder View Farm is a member of the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA); Dairy HerdImprovement Association (DHIR); Heart of Maine Dairy Goat Association(HOMDGA); Southern Maine Dairy Goat Association (SMDGA), and UnitedOberhasli Breeders (UOB).

Udder View Farm's goats are fed 18% grain, beet pulp, black oil sunflower seeds, calfmanna, as well as second crop grass hay and are allowed to browse.

Tours Available: No
Brick & Mortar: No
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Date added: 20.10.2008  
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