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PowerRanches Organic Beef

PowerRanches Organic Beef PowerRanches Organic Beef
P.O. Box 262
San Simon AZ 85236
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Phone: (520) 845-6328

At Power Ranches (located in Southeastern Arizona), we raise only the very finest organic beef. We are a family owned and operated ranch, and all of our animals are owner certified organic Limousin cattle. Our beef cattle graze naturally and are raised on the finest pastures possible containing alfalfa and a variety of other natural grasses. Our animals never see a feedlot. They are given no additives, no antibiotics, no hormones, no steroids, and certainly no animal by products. Our beef are all 100% organic, the safest and healthiest product available. We also adhere to a very strict breeding program where we can trace every animal to its origin.

There are three main factors that separate our high quality organic beef from the typical store bought/restaurant beef.

First of all, the feed. Here at Power Ranches we grow all of our own feed. Our pastures are free from all chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and insecticides. Our animals graze naturally on a strict diet of grass and are given alfalfa hay from our pastures. There is no artificial weight gain procedures practiced here, such as the feeding of grain products.

Secondly, the animal. Every consideration is made to insure a happy and healthy herd. They are given all the feed they can eat and they receive plenty of fresh drinking water straight from our wells. They also, are given shade and protection from the elements when necessary. Furthermore, they are given no antibiotics, no steroids, no hormones and absolutely no animal byproducts.

Thirdly, the origin of the animal. Our animals are all born, raised and processed in the USA. We track every animal from its birth until it is delivered to you, the consumer.

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Date added: 14.7.2008  
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