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Eva Varro Apparel

Eva Varro Apparel Eva Varro Apparel
Vernon CA 90058
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Hotline: (877) PR-VARRO

A graduate of the Fashion Institute ofBudapest-Hungary, Eva Varro chiseled her talent working for a fewleading fashion design companies in Hungary and Italy. In 2003 , aftera very successful relation with a Los Angeles based Company, Evalaunched her own line that became an instant success. Currently herline is on high demand all over US, she caters to numerous celebritiesand takes an active part in beauty, fashion and charity events.

Eva Varro developed stitch, the best match for thespecial knit fabric used on all garments. Why use that stitch? -because increases durability, eliminates tearing, adds a "hand made"custom look to the garment. The stitch stretches with the fabric: thereare no "pulls" at the stitches in either relaxed or stretched state.The stitch is flat, does not protrude and there is no discomfort evenon triple layers. Why is not everybody else using this stitch? -becauseis very labor intensive, requires highly skilled and trained personnel,cannot be done by computerized systems. Clear elastic reinforcements: atranspose from Eva Varro's years of experience with swimwear. Used toinsure the same fit after many wash cycles, gives the right stretch tothe higher stress areas. Texturized threading: a high quality TEX-18,Texturized Polyester thread is used. Although it requires skilled laborand a more careful approach at manufacturing it all pays off when thefinished garment has a fuller and smoother stitch. It also minimizesthe chances of the thread cutting into fabric.

Eva's natural talent, combined with technicalknowledge and years of experience, all work together into giving eachitem an easy to wear, natural look. Even complicated garments fitamazingly well. Our customers must be prepared to accept compliments.We hear again and again from our women customers that call in to thankus as their husband complimented them for the first time in years.orthe jealous remarks at the "girls night out" from friends wearingextremely expensive clothes and getting half the attention. -a womengains self confidence and a specific aura when her clothes arewonderfully crafted, she knows that everything fits perfectly and thesensation of freedom ensues. -Thanks to the hands-on design, patterndeveloping, manufacturing process, Eva Varro designs are highlyrecognizable. The original idea behind each design is not dilutedthrough the production process. What the customer gets is originality,assurance that she will not blend in a sea of trendy butall-the-same-look "fashionistas". -Hollywood- CA, Paris-France,Milano-Italy, all places that Eva Varro keeps in touch with. Theoutcome is always trendy new items that are on par or ahead of thefashion wave while keeping the distinctive classy looks of the line.

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Brick & Mortar: No
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Date added: 26.3.2009  
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