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Soil Mender Products

Soil Mender Products Soil Mender Products
3071 Hwy 86
Tulia TX 79088
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Hotline: (800) 441-2498 Soil Mender Products is a family-owned company with over fifteen yearsof experience in the composting business. After God and family, theirgoal is to form a relationship with their customers and offer them aconsistent, high-quality line of soil conditioning products. Soil Mender strivesto conduct their business in a Christ-like manner reflecting theintegrity of the people involved. Soil Mender Products manufacturesthree soil amendment product lines - Back to Earth, Soil Mender, andYum Yum Mix, each unique in its own way. Soi Supplements and traceminerals, available to compliment their main product lines, enable theircustomers to attain specific soil mixes and address specific soilneeds. Soil Mender also creates custom mixes and blends for bags or bulk.

For the cost effectiveness and efficiency of drop shipping, Soil Mender Products distributes many different wood mulches. This allows a mixture of products to go on one truck, giving customers the ability to receive several products, "drop shipped," on one truck. This saves freight costs, product damage, shipping hassles, and increases that all-important bottom line.

Soil Mender Products has the experience, technical backing, equipment, and warehouse storage to produce a product and packaging of utmost quality and integrity. Soil Mender's facility includes over 200 acres of composting sites, where they produce aerobic, windrow composts. Their composting, bagging, and packaging equipment are of the highest standard in the industry. Soil Mender's storage area is over 200,000 sq ft of inside, on-the-concrete storage. They also have a freight company dedicated to their deliveries, so when you needed it yesterday, they'll do their best to have it to you today or tommorow.

Made in Tulia, made in Swisher County, made in Kansas, made in the USA.
Buy local Tulia, buy local Swisher County, buy local Kansas.
American made,soil,compost,organic,mulch,fertilizer,gardening

Tours Available: No
Brick & Mortar: No
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Date added: 16.2.2009  
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