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Adirondack Creamery Ice Cream

Adirondack Creamery Ice Cream Adirondack Creamery Ice Cream
36 Oneil St.
Kingston NY 12401
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Phone: (917) 287-1006
Fax: (570) 227-0099

Why Adirondack Creamery Ice Cream?
In a time when two ofthe world's largest European-based food conglomerates produce over 50%of the branded ice cream in the US (including Ben and Jerry's, Edys,and Haagen Daz) and food products can travel over a thousand milesbefore getting to you, we think there are plenty of reasons to buyAdirondack Creamery Ice Cream:

Premium Quality and Fresh Taste

  • AdirondackCreamery all natural premium ice cream is so delicious and creamybecause their ice cream is based on their own old fashioned recipe ofcream, milk, sugar and eggs to which they add only the finest qualityvanilla, chocolate, nuts, and fruits.
  • They freeze their milk and cream right inside of the dairy to make the freshest possible ice cream.

All Natural Ingredients—Hormone Free Milk

  • Theymake all of their ice creams from hormone free milk and cream and usethe finest all natural ingredients and no artificial additives.

Locally Produced—Environmentally Friendly

  • Theymake the ice cream in a dairy less than an hour and a half from NewYork City, the Albany Capital and North Country Regions.
  • Theyare a small independently owned and operated company and make all ofthe ice cream themselves. They do not outsource our production toco-packaging facilities.
  • Adirondack Creamery's proximity tomilk producing family farms and its customers helps the environment byreducing the fuel required to transport their ingredients and products.

The History—A Lifelong Dream

PaulN. Nasrani's passion for ice cream began on a small Pennsylvania farmwhere he spent the summers of his youth. At the end of a long work dayhe could always find the energy to help churn a batch of fresh homemadeice cream.

The ice cream's taste and quality was unrivalled andPaul's dream of creating a company to share it with the world washatched. Paul's love for ice cream was only enhanced every August onLake George where he could eat ice cream at the turn-of-the-centurySilver Bay Store each night during family vacations.

Paul spenthis years after college in accounting and finance in New York City andeventually became CFO of a mid-size corporation. However, the ice creamdream did not leave him and in 2002 he began producing homemade premiumice creams in a Manhattan studio apartment. He produced far more thanhe could eat himself and began to share it with co-workers and friends.The response was tremendous and soon an even larger ice cream freezerwas necessary to meet demand. To learn more about ice cream production,Paul stopped into every ice cream shop he could find to speak with theproprietor. He also completed the Penn State University Ice Cream ShortCourse.

On a cold winter Sunday while passing through GrandCentral Station, he stopped at an ice cream/custard shop and found anauction was taking place. He walked (literally pushed) away with abatch freezer for ice cream production. It did not take long for therest of the story to unfold and within a year Paul left his financecareer to make ice cream in the North Country and pursue his dream ofsharing his ice cream with the world.

Silver Bay StoreEarly Operations—Silver Bay, NY

Witha major piece of equipment now on hand it was a matter of what to dowith it. He recalled all of the summers enjoying ice cream at theSilver Bay (YMCA of the Adirondacks). The Silver Bay Store is a centuryold historic building which has featured ice cream throughout itshistory. In the last century, ice cream was made on the premises in the1940's and then again in the early 1960's, but had not been made theresince. Paul founded Adirondack Creamery at Silver Bay to make all ofthe ice cream for the store which serves over 300 guests a night duringthe family vacation season. Paul also developed and ran programs forchildren to make ice cream with a hand crank machine.

In thefollowing summers Adirondack Creamery worked with Silver Bay to forminternship positions which brought international students majoring indairy/food science from Penn State and Cornell Universities to spendthe summer developing ice cream flavors, producing ice cream andworking in the Store.

The ice cream was fantastic and butAdirondack Creamery was still not able to produce their own all naturalice cream base and the batch freezer was much to impractical to produceice cream in pints to sell in grocery stores.

Expansion to Boice Bros. Dairy, Kingston NY

After5 years of research and three summers of operation, Adirondack Creamerywas still missing one important component – the ability to design itsown all natural ice cream base using no artificial ingredients,additives or preservatives. Paul always knew that the closer to the cowyou could keep the ice cream, the better it would be.

In 2006,Adirondack Creamery found the Boice Bros. dairy in Kingston, NY, whichwas established in 1914 and continues to be operated by the BoiceFamily. At long last Adirondack Creamery was now able to design andmake their own ice cream based on an old fashioned recipe of cream,milk, sugar and egg yolks. Today Adirondack Creamery operates directlyinside the dairy and makes ice cream from the hormone free milk whicharrives at the dairy each day from 8 family farms.

Thisexpansion enabled Adirondack Creamery to release 6 all natural flavorsin pint packaging for sale at stores located from Lake George, NY allthe way south to New York City.

Made in Kingston, made in Ulster County, made in New York, made in the USA.
Buy local Kingston, buy local Ulster County, buy local New York.
Eat local Kingston, eat local Ulster County, eat local New York.
American made,ice cream,sweets,Kingston locavore,New York locavore,Ulster locavore

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Date added: 17.1.2009  
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