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Epicurean Cutting Boards

Epicurean Cutting Boards Epicurean Cutting Boards
1325 North 59th Avenue West
Duluth MN 55807
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Phone: (218) 740-3500
Fax: (218) 740-3453
Hotline: (866) 678-3500
Epicurian Cutting Boards Are:
Dishwasher Safe:

Unlikewood and bamboo cutting boards, Epicurean® quality food prep surfacescan be cleaned in the dishwasher. Most Epicurean® surfaces are designedto fit in common dishwashers. After washing, dry on edge before storing.

Knife Friendly:

Cuttingon Epicurean® cutting surfaces will not dull your knives so they willneed less sharpening. This means less work for you and longer life foryour knife. Each surface will score slightly when used for cuttingwhich shows it is protecting the knife's edge. Surfaces that don'tscore when used for cutting (e.g. glass or stone) will dull the knife.

Maintenance Free:

Epicurean®cutting boards are extremely durable and require no oiling orbleaching. Epicurean® surfaces resist staining and odors and are easilycleaned in the dishwasher. After washing, dry on edge before storing.

Hole and Handle:

Epicurean®cutting surfaces are designed for function. With every surface you willfind a utility hole or built-in handle designed specifically forefficient handling and hanging.

Heat Resistant:

Epicurean®cutting boards are heat resistant up to 350° F / 176° C, so you can useeach Epicurean® surface as a trivet without leaving a blemish. Note:surfaces are not microwave- or oven-safe.

Made in the USA:

Epicurean®cutting boards and the material used to make them are exclusivelymanufactured in the United States of America, saving on shipping costs,helping to maintain our economy, ensuring compliance with US labor andbusiness practices, and reducing pollution. Even the trees used to makethe material are harvested from certified, managed forests in NorthAmerica.

Juice Groove:

Epicurean's®Chef, Gourmet, Carving and Modular Series cutting surfaces have abuilt-in juice groove that is just right for the juiciest meals you canprepare.

Eco Select:

Epicurean®cutting surfaces are made with eco select paper from trees harvestedunder guidelines of the North America Sustainable Forestry Standards.60% of the energy used to produce the raw material is from renewableenergy.

NSF Approved:

Approved by the National Sanitary Foundation®, you can be sure thatyour nonporous Epicurean® cutting boards will be easy to clean and willnot harbor bacteria.

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Tours Available: No
Brick & Mortar: No
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Date added: 7.12.2008  
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