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Slane Jewelry

Slane Jewelry Slane Jewelry
New York NY 10018
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Like so many American stories, SLANE begins with a vision, a vision to take something humble and make it extraordinary. In 1995, sisters Heath and Landon Slane set about transforming silver—always perceived as the less precious metal—into the foundation of their new line of sculptural fine jewelry. From staple to statement, each of the Slane sisters’ clean, versatile, sterling silver pieces were designed to be iconic, and crafted with the loving care generally reserved for 18 karat gold: Hand-assembled, hand-set, and hand-finished with innumerable intimate details intended to be enjoyed by the wearer alone.

Fifteen years on, SLANE encompasses not only the line’s signature sterling silver, but a full range of fine jewelry made with the same values and the same vision that have defined SLANE from the start. Diamonds, freshwater pearls, colored gemstones and—yes—18 karat gold are incorporated into the SLANE wardrobe of timeless, dress-up/dress-down styles. There’s a distinctly American point-of-view at work here: Heath and Landon design for today, inventing a new vocabulary of shape and texture, and create for tomorrow, knowing that these pieces will be the prized heirlooms of future generations.

With that in mind, Heath and Landon Slane have maintained their commitment to producing SLANE jewelry in the U.S.A., with most work taking place within walking distance of the brand’s offices in New York City. The sisters’ values are also reflected in their decision, early on, to produce SLANE jewelry as sustainably as possible: 100% of the sterling silver used in SLANE jewelry is recycled, as is 80% of the gold.

But SLANE jewelry best reflects the Slane sisters’ sensibility in its design. Heath and Landon Slane design for women like themselves—busy, multifaceted women with an appreciation for elegance, an appetite for the eclectic, and the confidence to assimilate new aesthetics into her own, singular sense of style. The Slane sisters believe that fine jewelry is an everyday luxury, a gift a woman gives herself each time she clasps on a necklace or caresses the hidden embellishment on the bracelet hugging her wrist. There’s a message in every piece of jewelry made by SLANE: It’s your moment; today is your day.

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Date added: 13.7.2011  
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