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Jason McLeod Jewelry

Jason McLeod Jewelry
P.O.Box 4594
Charlottesville VA 22905
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Phone: (434) 293-9548

"Fine jewelry is one of those special crafts which,although enhanced by technology, is still fundamentally created usingthe tools and techniques of a tradition developed over centuries. Justas oil paints, ceramics, and fibers have been refined and cultivatedfor the best aesthetic and physical properties, so too the metals,stones, and techniques of jewelry making are the time testedingredients the art. The permanence of these materials enables theartist to create heirlooms which retain their significance for alltime. With this in mind I guarantee that all Jason McLeod Jewelry ismade with top quality materials. All gemstone are sourced from premiumdealers and are totally natural and untreated or only treated withtraditional enhancement such as heat, unless specifically noted. I useonly stones of good color, cut, and quality. " -Jason McLeod

Jason McLeod is an independent jewelry artist andgoldsmith in Charlottesville, Virginia. Every piece is handmade one ata time and only in limited editions, series, and one of a kinds. Forthis reason it is quite possible to order designs in different metals,with different stones, and unique variations. Just email us withquestions or contact us by phone to discuss possibilities.

Tours Available: No
Brick & Mortar: No
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Date added: 23.8.2009  
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