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Poplar Manor Enterprises

Poplar Manor Enterprises Poplar Manor Enterprises
1556 Reed Hill Road
Riner VA 24149
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Phone: (540) 763-5688 PME Compostwas established in 2005 as Poplar Manor Enterprises, LLC (PME,LLC). With 140 acres of land, and a son graduating from Virginia Tech,Willard Farley and Lee Ann Sigmon-Farley (CEO's of PME, LLC) saw agreat opportunity to start a niche business in Composting.
From2005 to 2007 the Farley's, along with their son Calin, focused oneducating themselves on the world of Composting. They began with an onfarm manure based compost operation that utilized the skills that theyhad learned and equipment that they had purchased. In 2007, theFarley's started looking for a more lucrative business venture.
Manychanges came in 2007, one being the addition of a new employee, Mindywho was dating the Farley's son at the time and became married in2008. Calin and Mindy did some investigative work on composting andwere soon proposed with the thought of Food Waste Composting. Willardand Lee Ann, along with Calin and Mindy began more research into thenew venture of Food waste Composting.
Bythe end of 2007, and after a lot of research, the Farley's found that aPermit-by-Rule (PBR) would be required by the Department ofEnvironmental Quality (DEQ) to be able to do Food Waste Composting on 7acres of the 140 acre farm land located in Floyd County.
2008was spent working on the 60 plus page permit application. It was atedious and educational time for the Farley's and a lot of lessons werelearned in this year.
The end of 2008 came upon the family, the Permit Application had been submitted and now they waited.
InJanuary 2009, the Permit Application was approved and PME Compostbecame the second certified Category III Solid Waste Compost Facilityin the state of Virginia. Becoming a Category III Compost Facilitymeans that food waste can be a part of PME's feedstock when makingcompost.
PME Compost now offers a food waste collection service, which is the first of its kind in Virginia.
Buy local, Riner, Montgomery County, Virginia, compost

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Date added: 4.12.2009  
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