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Walnut Hill Farm at Elm Springs

Walnut Hill Farm at Elm Springs
449 Kellogg Mill Road
Fredericksburg VA 22406
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Contact Person: Jeff Adams
Phone: (540) 752-2909

Walnut Hill Farm is a familyowned 38 acre farm in the heart of Stafford County. The farm is ownedby Jeff and Ginny Adams, who have lived in Stafford County since 1980.We feature several heritage breeds of livestock; including Hog IslandSheep, American Milking Devon cows,Tamworth pigs, Milking Shorthornoxen, San Clemente Island Goats and Barred Plymouth Rock laying hens.We have specificly chosen these breeds of animals because they fit intoour management style and objectives. The animals we raise are hearty,easy keepers that are meant to be raised on a forage only diet. Thepigs and chicken are the only animals that receive grain. (Oxen andhorses excluded because they are used for draft power.

Three of the breeds are considered criticallyendangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy: they areAmerican Milking Devon, Hog Island Sheep and San Clemente Island Goats.The Devon and Goats will be used for dairy products in the future. Thelist can be seen at We are members of ALBC.

Meatand eggs from these animals are available as individual cuts, halves orwhole animals. Individual cuts are frozen weighed, labeled and vacumnpacked. Whole and half animals will be processed to your specificationsusing our local processor (Fauquier's Finest) in Bealton, Virginia.

All meats are USDA inspected and vacumn wrapped, weighed and labeled.

Inaddition to several heritage breeds we raise Wye angus based geneticsfor quality grass fed/finished beef, and a commerical sheep breed.

AtWalnut Hill Farm we refuse to add any hormones to the animals diet.Antibiotics are not used in feeds, but may be used to cure a sickanimal. Any animal that has had antibiotics for any reason will not beprocessed by us.

We consider our farming practices to be lowinput sustainable agriculture. We care deeply for the health andwelfare of the animals under our care, and see every animal on the farmat least once a day.

Stop by to see our farming methods foryourself, so that you can be the certifier, and not some governmentagency. Our personal standards can not and will not be be compromised.We work with nature, we do not attempt to bend her will. We like tobelieve that we farm as your Grandparents or Great-Grandparents wouldhave farmed. Farming is a time honored profession, and we considerourselves professionals.

Farm tours are available by appointment.

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Tours Available: Yes
Brick & Mortar: No
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Date added: 16.11.2009  
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