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Avalon Farm

Avalon Farm
13433 Shepherd Lane
Broadway VA 22815
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Contact Person: Lorinda Palin and Solly Walker
Phone: (540) 896-1283

For15 years Avalon has been lovingly tended using nature's own processesto revitalize the soil – composted plant matter and manures, mulching,natural soil supplements, plant rotation, companion planting and covercrops. No chemical fertilizers or insecticides are used.

Our lambs are pasture-raised. We don't rush their growth, useherbal/natural wormers, and take them directly to a meat processor onthe morning they are butchered for a minimum of stress. Stress can putdistasteful hormones into the meat. Sheep are an integral part of ourfarm as ecological mowers and fertilizers. We keep just enough sheep tobe in balance with the rotated pasture.

Chickensare part of the overall plan also. They get all the weedings andkitchen scraps, insect pests hand-picked from the gardens, plus allthey can gather when free-ranging the pasture in the afternoons. Thepoultry also have organic grain feed available with herbs and kelpadded to winter rations. They produce bright-yoked eggs.

Bringinghealth to the soil and water, contentment to the animals and birds whoshare our lives, vitality to our food, freedom from pain for ourbodies, and joy for our spirits – it is all part of Avalon dreamsbecoming reality.

You can find Avalon Farms at the Downtown Harrisonburg Farmers Market.

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Tours Available: No
Brick & Mortar: No
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Date added: 3.8.2009  
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