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Fredericksburg Area CSA Project

Fredericksburg Area CSA Project
P.O. Box 340
Hartwood VA 22471
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Contact Person: Heidi Lewis
Phone: (540) 373-5910
FACSAP growers operate under the guidelines established by theCertified Naturally Grown™ organization. This program follows thestandards set by the USDA National Organic Program. Certified NaturallyGrown™ farmers must demonstrate a desire to work within the naturalbiological cycles that are necessary for a truly sustainable farmingsystem-- a system that works in harmony with microorganisms, soil floraand fauna, and plants and animals--leaving the soil even more vibrantand alive for the next generation of farmers and to produce foodwithout the addition of synthetic fertilizers, insecticides, orgenetically modified organisms.
Find out more about Certified Naturally Grown™ at their website:

,in King George County, is one of the founding FACSAP farms. The gardencontinues to evolve and grow, with the support of the Elizabeth andMark Eitt, and under the management of Heidi Lewis. A variety ofvegetables, herbs, and flowers are cultivated bio-intensively onapproximately one acre of land. A variety of natural handmade soaps arealso produced during the growing season.

Rock Run Creek Farm
isfamily owned and operated by Carol and Francis Ngoh. The farm startedout as a means of providing food for the Ngoh family, which includesfour growing boys. The Ngohs are firm believers in sustainableagriculture and grow according to organic standards, which includecomposting and use of manure from their livestock. Although their mainproduct is the Shiitake mushroom, the Ngohs also provide a variety ofvegetables which include: leeks, squash, peppers, cucumbers, garlic,tomatoes, lettuce greens, and herbs. They look forward to the newseason and hope that Mother Nature provides the much needed rain.

Canning Farm
is a family farm in Dogue, 25 miles east of Fredericksburg, in KingGeorge County. Grain, cattle, and timber are grown here, with severalacres devoted to the cultivation of vegetables for the CSA. Farmers,Miles Hastings (whose family has been farming at Canning forgenerations) and Tommy Guynn, feed the soil with cover crops andcompost from their own animals. They depend on crop rotation,cultivation, and mulches for weed control. Insects are kept in check bynatural predators, physical barriers, and judicious use of botanicalinsecticides. In addition to vegetables, Canning Farm will continue toproduce natural beef which will be available for sale to our CSAmembers on a regular basis. This year, natural pork and chicken willalso be available.

Green Thumb Growers
isan organically managed urban garden in downtown Fredericksburg. TomMiller brings three years of CSA growing experience. We hope that theclimate on the "˜Island' brings a bounty in the niche market for bokchoi, kohlrabi, potatoes, bulb fennel, carrots, and winter squash.

Virginia Green Grocer
, locatedin Warrenton, VA, is a certified organic farm which produces highlydiverse fruits, vegetables, and herbs year-round. Many are rare and/orheirloom varieties, selected first and foremost for superior flavor andquality. Vigor, historical relevance, disease resistance andproductivity also influence our selection process.

Fusingtraditional organic methods with modern "green" technology enables usto have the best of both worlds by enhancing bio-sustainableagricultural practices and providing a model applicable to both thesmall family farm and industrial operations. Farm vehicles and personalcars are bio-diesel-capable, as is the greenhouse. We use a dripirrigation system, which incorporates a complex water recycling systemincluding rainwater collection (among other "clean" collectionsources), double filtration and ozonation. The farm is hoping to addeggs from organic, free-range chickens to the production list by latethis year. An organic, grass-fed dairy is also on the horizon.
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Brick & Mortar: No
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Date added: 31.8.2009  
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