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Lei-Kei Farm and CSA

Lei-Kei Farm and CSA
231 Grandview Lane
Clear Brook VA 22624
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Contact Person: Matt Burch
Phone: (540) 539-1124

If you're interestedin fresh, non-certified organic produce, harvested at peak ripeness anddelivered weekly to your area, then you've come to the right place! Through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, Lei-Kei Farm suppliesNorthern Virginia residents with a variety of fresh vegetables, herbs,and sometimes fruits on a weekly basis for 18 weeks, late Springthrough early Fall. We also offer the option to buy certain foodsdirectly from the Farm.

Participation in a CSA is a great way for you to support your localfarmer and, by doing so, encourage the growth of small farms throughoutthe country. It's also the best way for you to get fresh vegetablesand herbs that have been grown using all organic processes, withoutdoing it yourself and without paying the price at your local store. Because you're getting the produce the day it's picked usually, thefood will last much longer than the food you would normally pick up atthe grocery store, which is often picked a week or so before it gets tothe store. Each CSA has "members" who buy "shares" of the Farm. Thenumber of shares available in each CSA will depend on the size of theparticular Farm. For 2009, Lei-Kei Farm will have 90 sharesavailable. Some CSAs require that Members put in a few hours of workeach year, but at Lei-Kei Farm, we do all the work for you.

When you buy a share, Lei-Kei Farm promises to provide, to the best ofour ability, a plentiful supply of varied vegetables, herbs, andspecial items each week for 18 weeks. As you will learn through yourparticipation in the CSA, farming comes with certain risks, basedprimarily on the weather and surrounding environment. We appreciateyour support and understanding as every year brings with it newchallenges.

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Tours Available: No
Brick & Mortar: No
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Date added: 31.8.2009  
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