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Chaffin Family Orchards

Chaffin Family Orchards Chaffin Family Orchards
606 Coal Canyon Rd.
Oroville CA 95965
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Phone: (530) 533-8239
Fax: (530) 533-1676

Chaffin Family Orchards is a five generation family farm located at the eastern edge of the Sacramento Valley in California. Del Chaffin, their founder, came to this area after his graduation from UC Berkeley in the early 1900's in search of a location that could grow fruit 365 days a year. He found that and more. The farm has been harvesting and producing olives and olive oil for over 75 years. For over 50 years the farm has produced beef cattle, citrus, stone fruits, and avocados. The farm has raised sheep and poultry for over 20 years and the meat goats were begun in 2006.

The farm is located in a warm air belt that wraps around the town of Oroville, California. This belt keeps their freezes mild and allows for the production of citrus. The soils are high in beneficial minerals allowing for the production of healthy, high brix fruits. Their brix readings for the fruits are often well in excess of 15. Livestock are used to harvest forages from rocky soils that cannot support trees and to manage forage growth in the orchards. Cattle graze year around. Cattle make use of winter annuals on the hillsides in the winter and spring and graze green grass under the irrigated olive trees in the winter and fall. Sheep move through the orchards providing a well trimmed carpet under the trees. Goats make use of the browse plants such as black berries and woodland shrubs, as well as help with the pruning of the olive trees. Chickens clean downed fruit and bugs from the orchards, cleaning around the base of the trees. They also clean wooded areas of bugs and pests. Manure from all the livestock provides a valuable fertilizer resource.

The farm direct markets many of it's products, providing a quality, local food source. The ranch stand is open 7 days per week on the honor system. Customers who would like assistance with their purchases or farm tours can call ahead and make an appointment to be sure someone will be there to serve them. Chaffin products are also available at farmer's markets in Chico, Oroville, and Paradise, California. In addition, Chico Natural Foods, and Almond Street Natural Foods in Paradise, California offer Chaffin products. Some products such as Jam, Olive Oil, and Citrus, are available by mail order.

Chaffin Family Orchards uses a combination of Organic, Natural, and Biodynamic Farming methods. These methods are combined with the best of each used to produce farm products that are as healthy as possible for both the consumer and the land. Many of the ranch systems have been developed in unique ways to benefit the land and the eater. Del Chaffin began these methods with the installation of his own water driven power system and gravity driven water systems, making the ranch self sufficient. His Granddaughter Carol and her husband Kurt and their family have continued by developing farming systems that use animals, minerals, and forages instead of chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and fungicides.

The ranch continues to be an exciting place, to live, work, and consume from as the farm family strives to produce the best food they can while giving back to the land and each other.

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Tours Available: Yes
Brick & Mortar: Yes
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Date added: 26.2.2009  
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