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Toigo Orchards

Toigo Orchards Toigo Orchards
750 South Mountain Estates
Shippensburg PA 17257
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Phone: (717) 530-5960

Theorchard uses IPM growing methods which allow us to grow beautiful fruitwith no chemical residues. Integrated Pest Management allows for theuse of beneficial insects as well as no residual sprays shouldsomething threaten the entire crop. We are very proud that all of ourfruit can be eaten straight from the orchard. In fresh fruit productionwe have over 21,000 trees devoted to fresh market apple production,primarily fresh market apples. In soft fruit production we haveapproximately 41 acres devoted to fresh market peach production,starting in late June and running through September. Our Customers find these fruits of exceptionalquality all season long. Other fruits grown in the Toigo Orchardsinclude plums, apricots, cherries, Asian Pears and European Pears. Inberry production, Toigo Orchards has several acres devoted tostrawberry, raspberry and blackberry production all for fresh markedand extending over a six month period. All of these fruits are marketedin the mid-Atlantic region. In row crops, Toigo Orchards has beengrowing melons since 1973.

At Toigo Orchards we grow a thinned-skinned, lowacid, beefsteak and vine variety. We grow 2700 tomato plants in our12,500 square foot greenhouse using no pesticides. The seeds arestarted in late November and we have ripe fruit in early April. We usebi-control for pest management. Thousands of beneficial insect arereleased in the greenhouse including Bumble bees which are used forpollination.

Made in Shippensburg, made in Cumberland County, made in Pennsylvania sauces.
Buy local Shippensburg, buy local Cumberland County, buy local Pennsylvania.
Eat local Shippensburg, eat local Cumberland County, eat local Pennsylvania.
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Date added: 23.8.2009  
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