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Stars of the West Hat Company

Stars of the West Hat Company Stars of the West Hat Company
2255 N. Haines Ave
Suite 200
Rapid City SD 57701
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website
Phone: (605) 343-7345

Star of the West Hat Company is a small business in Rapid City, SouthDakota. It has been in operation since 1991. In 1999 I, Brad Montague,took over the company and in 2002 I purchased the store. I offer eightyears of experience with quality craftsmanship, quality products, andat a reasonable price.

When you are placing your order you need to know what thedifferences are in the qualities. The 5x, 7x, 10x, 20x, and 100x allcome with upto a 4" brim. The 5x wide brim, 7x wide brim, 10x widebrim, 20x wide brim, and 100x wide brim come with brims not to exceed5". I will discuss the exact width you want when I contact you afteryour order.

When you order a hat from Star of the West Hat Company you are orderinga custom made hat that you design yourself and will be custom fit toyou. You will be able to customize your hat from the hats on the siteor, if you would like, you may design a hat to your own specs from anold favorite hat to a picture or movie you have seen.

When you place your order I will call you and take the time to walkthrough the order you placed. We will then chose the color or style ofbound edge you chose, if you chose a bound edge. We can chose from anaray of colors to styles, like a laced brim rather than a ribbon boundedge. By doing this I will be able to clarify any questions I may havewith the style and then I will be able to walk you through the processto get your size. You will see on the order forms for each hat that Iwon't ask for a size because when I contact you I will get it then.When I contact you it will also give us the opportunity to find outwhat name you would like listed in the sweat band allowing a nick nameor something else.

I have built hat for a wide variety of customers ranging fromeveryday ranchers/cowboys to business men and even rodeo worldchampions and NFR qualifiers. Some of my clients are people such aswestern artist Tim Cox, rodeo cowboys Scott Montague (PRCA BarebackRider), Kelly Timberman (PRCA Worlds Champion), Will Lowe (PRCA WorldChampion), and Peyton Manning (NFL Quarterback and MVP).

I pride myself on my quality and customer service. If you receive a hatthat is not what you ordered or if there is a problem with the finishin size or style I will be more than willing to get the hat back andmake it right even if it means building a new hat. I will guaranteethat you will receive a hat that is hand crafted by me from start tofinish with the highest standards.

Please feel free to take the time to look over the styles and if youwould like to discuss options other than what are on the page. Pleasefeel free to contact me at (605) 343-7345 or by e-mail through thesite. If you have any ideas for any styles or design please contact meand we can go over the idea.

Because your hat will be custom made please allow 8 weeks for the hat to be shipped.

Made in Rapid City, Pennington County, South Dakota, buy local, South Dakota made, cowboy hats

Tours Available: No
Brick & Mortar: No
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Date added: 6.7.2008  
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