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Why Buy Local?

Buy Local Global Warming — combat global climate change by decreasing your carbon footprint. Tastes Better — of course, we all know, the fresher food is, the better it tastes! Safer — many countries that produce food sold in this country have less stringent safety standards so products reaching our shores aren't always what we expect. Cleaner Air — combustion of fossil fuels used to transport goods long distances not only contributes to global climate change, it also produces smog, air pollution, and acid rain. National Security — a decentralization food system provides greater national security by spreading the risk of a disruption to a larger geographical area. Economy — buying locally keeps money within the community which contributes to the health of all sectors of the local economy. This increases the local quality of life and encourages a self-sufficient community. Put A Face To Your Purchase (get to know your farmer) — when you purchase locally grown food and locally produced goods, you are much more likely to know the names and faces, as well as methods and conditions, behind your purchase. This is a relationship that benefits both sides, just ask your farmer! Fresher Means More Nutrition — the farther food has to travel, the longer you have to wait to get it into your mouth! The longer you have to wait, the more vitamins and nutrients the food loses. Studies have shown fresher food is more nutritious. Fewer Harmful Chemicals — local produce grown on a small scale is often safer to eat as small farms tend to be less aggressive than large factory farms with chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. Also, fruits and vegetables from overseas may have been produced in countries with weaker environmental standards.

What can you do to help?

Organize a Buy Local Day in your community Take the Eat Local Challenge or try the 100 Mile Diet. Buy from Locallectual companies!