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Locallectual Companies


Not every company that manufactures in your area is on Locallectual, and here’s why: Locallectual strives to promote companies that manufacture in their own country. Whether you prefer to buy from a local dressmaker or a haute couture designer, a craftsman making wooden toys or an artisan building custom furniture, the whole of each producer’s core product line must be domestically made to make the Locallectual cut.

They Are Locallectual Worthy, Why Aren't They Here?
As you may already know, finding local products can be like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. We are adding new local businesses daily, but need your help to find them all. If you know of companies that meet the Locallectual standards, then by all means, help us out and submit them here!

Food Growers and Producers:

Locallectual food producers must grow or produce the food products in the state in which their company is based.

Who’s Not Here:

  • The obvious: companies that outsource production to other countries.
  • Multi-level marketing companies (or MLMs).
  • Some artists: While we do include artists and studios that create items that can be used in a functional, everyday manner (i.e. pottery, jewelry, glass lighting fixtures, furniture) we feel strongly that there are other online venues for visual, musical, and other artists to showcase their valuable work.


Our retailers category includes brick-and-mortar independent, locally-owned and operated shops carrying a number of lines of domestically made or locally made consumer goods. We also include independent shops selling previously-owned goods such as consignment stores, vintage shops, and used book sellers. We will include multiple locations of a single retailer if all store locations are located in-state ("chainlets"). Our retailer category excludes middleman retailers that are strictly e-commerce in an effort to help people connect with and support their local businesses. Producers who offer direct-to-consumer sales through their own websites are listed in the producer category, not the retailer category.

Groceries listed in the retailer category of our directory are non-chain grocers partnering with local farms and featuring local foodstuffs. We exclude chain grocers, even those carrying local foods, as it is our priority to promote independent, locally-owned and operated enterprised to enable consumers to keep as many dollars spent as possible within their community.


Our Eateries and Caterers category lists non-chain restaurants, caterers, and other food service establishments which partner with local farms and serve locally grown food. Coffee shops in this category would serve locally-roasted coffee.